Black Space Alloy

Black Space Alloy is a project with dear friends and long time band mates Chris Simkins on drums, Dave Trantina on bass & vocals, and myself on guitar & vocals. Album is now available here on Bandcamp or listen below!

In late January 2014, we started jamming after years of not playing together. It was much needed medicine for our souls. Dave called it channeling the eagle spirit. I recorded everything. Eventually, we cobbled together these 7 songs from the vast amount of source material. A lot of what appears musically are the edited jams with minimal overdubbs, then vocals put over the top, mostly Dave’s. We finished up at the very end of 2018. This could have easily sat on a shelf forever, but I felt this was a good time to put it out into the world.

Cover art by Stacy Kapasouris.